Sightseeing in Nagano convention bureau

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Visit, experience-based facility

Many valuable experiences only by Nagano including tour of the plant and crop experience. Discovery and joy not to be able to taste are jam-packed in everyday life.

Various visits

We settle in area and release "the raw spot" of local company producing original products.
Hokuto Aokijima mushrooms center
Hokuto Aokijima mushrooms center photograph
Address 300-1, Aokijimamachiotsuka, Nagano-shi
TEL 026-286-6633 0120-58-4910
Time 10:00 ... (time required 60 minutes)
Holiday Saturday and Sunday, celebration (inquiry required)
Rate Free (to reservation required, 30 people)

It produces health foods which utilized healthy mushrooms. In guest house, we can observe cultivation scenery of mountain Processed Aconite Root bamboo and elingi mushroom.

Circle cane
Circle cane photograph
Address 1241, Shinonoikomori, Nagano-shi
TEL 026-292-1312
Time From 10:00 to 16:00 (time required 30 minutes)
Holiday Sunday/Holiday
Rate Free (reservation required, 20 - 40)

We aim at the making of product which there was in needs of the times while continuing keeping food culture of "pickle" in clean water and Shinshu among air.

Outer Gardens of yoshinoya Zenko-ji Nishino gate yoshinoya
Outer Gardens of yoshinoya Zenko-ji Nishino gate yoshinoya photograph
Address 941, Nishinomoncho, Nagano-shi
TEL 026-237-5000
Time From 9:00 to 17:00 (time required 15 minutes)
Holiday Without holiday
Rate Free (10 to 50 persons)

We brew fresh pure sake throughout the year at door front of Zenko-ji. We can enjoy direct sales store, restaurant of liquor and miso.

; see; bell Corporation
See; bell Corporation photograph
Address 1606, Wakasato, Nagano-shi
TEL 026-226-1671
Rate Free (to around 40 people) ※It requires reservation, and please refer

Including Misuzu Tofu (dried bean curd) proud of industry's leading share, we can observe line which seasons, and is and becomes, and produces soybean products including deep frying.

Address 883, Amori, Nagano-shi
TEL 026-226-0258
Time 13:30 - once a day conduct (only in 1 group) (time required 90 minutes)
Holiday Saturday and Sunday, celebration and factory holiday
Rate Free (more than 15 people to 50 people)

We hold tour of the plant that you can see how Marukome product is done in headquarters factory of Marukome in Nagano.

※Visit means becomes only bus. ※We may not accept by circumstances such as production adjustment or company event.
Meet with Shinshu Togakushi soba; hall
Meet with Shinshu Togakushi soba; hall photograph
Address 2640, Togakushi, Nagano-shi
TEL 026-254-3828
Remarks For reservation required, Please consult.

Milling, noodle making, drying and the home, Shinshu Togakushi soba release result rumadeo. We can try side and can purchase factory-limited product.

Various experiences

We introduce experience that is full of variety that can be keenly aware of nature and culture of Nagano.
■Making soba experience
Meet on side; hall

At the home of "Togakushi soba", we can learn direct making soba from local making soba expert.

Togakushi soba Museum tonkururin
Address 3018, Togakushi, Nagano-shi
TEL 026-254-3773
Time It is held every interval for from 10:00 to 1:00 (as for the last 16:00)
Holiday The third water
Rate One bowl (four portions) 3,000 yen ... (it requires reservation more than 15 people)
■Buddhist cuisine (Zenko-ji dorter)
Buddhist cuisine photograph

Zenko-ji has 39 dorters and can enjoy Buddhist cuisine which put its ingenuity in each.

Address 471, Motoyoshicho, Nagano-shi
TEL 026-232-2546
Rate Diligence "sum" 1,575 yen ...
fuchikorebo (edge forget)
Address 462, Motoyoshicho, Nagano-shi
TEL 026-232-3669
Rate Diligence Kaiseki 3,150 yen - / diligence low dining table 1,575 yen ...
The House of Buddhist saint with healing powers
Address 657, Motoyoshicho, Nagano-shi
TEL 026-232-2382
Rate Buddhist cuisine 1,575 yen ... specially made by the House of Buddhist saint with healing powers
Folkcraft photograph

Folkcraft of Shinshu brought up under the local special natural condition. You experience, and do you not actually touch the world?

Matsuyo Sue garden (Matsuyo ware pottery)
Address 2120, Matsushiromachikiyono, Nagano-shi
TEL 026-278-7302
Time From December to March from 9:00 to 17:00 From April to November from 9:00 to 18:00
Holiday Sunday and Monday (no fixed holiday)
Rate (example) hand diaphragm teacup course 1,500 yen (reservation required)
■Explanation by a picture
Explanation by a picture photograph

Explanation by a picture is literary arts, entertainment using picture by religion person for the purpose of sermon, shodo (preaching teaching to lead to French way). The witty talk of person of oral narration attracts audience.

Karukaya Hikaru Yamanishi temple
Rate [A course] Oral narration time / approximately 35 minutes 500 yen "Karukaya moral scruples stone child-maru parent and child pictorial biography" (2 width / approximately 25 minutes), "Ten Kings of Hades circulation" (Ten Kings of Hades image / approximately ten minutes) [B course] Oral narration time / approximately 65 minutes 500 yen "Karukaya moral scruples stone child-maru parent and child pictorial biography" "Ten Kings of Hades circulation" + "six kinds of the worlds to come for the people hell on earth" (6 width / approximately 30 minutes)
Address 1398, Kitaishidocho, Nagano-shi
TEL 026-226-8436
■Experience made with Oyaki
Experience-based photograph made with Oyaki

Oyaki is seasonal vegetable sauce and adzuki bean annadoo native district food of Shinshu that it surrounded using wheat flour dough. We bake, and it is sultry, and there is various how to make.

Person of Shinshu mushikurano hot water Yakimochi
Address 5286, Kusaga, Nakajo, Nagano-shi
TEL 026-267-2641
Time Approximately 40 minutes
Rate 1,080 yen (two)
*daimonten (patio Daimon storehouse comfort inside the garden) of brook
Address 56-1, Daimoncho, Nagano-shi
TEL 026-232-5786
Time From 10:00 to 15:00 (approximately one hour)
Rate 540 yen (two Oyaki)

Farming, crop experience

"Meal" and "agriculture" to attract attention more and more. We see directly while touching Daichi and touch and can taste joy to harvest.
Kobayashi farm photograph
Kobayashi farm
Address 338, Togakushitoyooka, Nagano-shi
TEL 026-254-2588
Business The mid-July and mid-August
Time From 8:00 to 16:00 (the time required: for approximately 50 minutes)
Rate Please refer.
■Agriculture experience
NPO corporation yokkorasho photograph
NPO corporation yokkorasho
We hold agriculture experience event irregularly.
Address Nagano city least weasel plateau yokkorasho farm (car from great asana teacher Pond one minute)
TEL 026-239-3299 (secretariat Yamamuro)
Rate Please refer to vary according to experiences.
■Apple picking (from September to November)
Apple photograph
Kuraishi farm 026-257-2089 1805, Toyonomachiasano, Nagano-shi
Tsukahara garden west source 026-235-1144 Nagano city house 1701, Ikuji ※Available for prune hunting, too (the early September and mid-September)
One and garden of town 026-296-9436 2424-3, Akanuma, Nagano-shi
Apple picking direct sale Narita garden 026-296-9054 Akanuma, Nagano-shi Gensuke edge 2312-1
1,000 pieces garden of apple picking 026-296-6853 551, Akanuma, Nagano-shi