Sightseeing in Nagano convention bureau

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Seasonal event of Nagano city

In Nagano city, we hold various events through the four seasons. Please drop in at memory of trip.


Event Area Time Holding place
roukaku Umezono Flower Day
Shinshuushinmachi The beginning Shinshuushinmachi roukaku Umezono
Tojo apricot flower Festival
Matsuyo The beginning Matsuyo Tojo
Matsuyo spring festival
Matsuyo The middle Matsuyo Castle traces
Nagano marathon
Nagano city The middle Nagano exercise park - Nagano Olympic Stadium
Depths hem flower nature garden founder festival, safe Rogation Days
Kinasa The end Kinasa depths hem flower nature garden


Event Area Time Holding place
Zenko-ji flower corridor
Zenko-ji, Nagano city The beginning Chuo-dori others
Insect Cangshan founder festival
Nakajo 3rd Park where Nakajo star glitters
Azalea mountain Festival
Toyono The beginning Toyono-cho azalea mountain Park
Depths hem flower nature garden giant skunk cabbage Festival
Kinasa The middle Kinasa depths hem flower sightseeing center
Mount Togakushi security Rogation Days
Togakushi The end Togakushi Shrine Okusha
Single night mountain contact mountain climbing
Kinasa The end Kinasa


Event Area Time Holding place
Mount Iizuna founder festival
Least weasel 5th Least weasel plateau
Flower game and firefly appreciation society
Kinasa The late June and early July Forest, flower game garden of Kinasa gray mustache


Event Area Time Holding place
Jingisukan Festival
Shinshuushinmachi The beginning Shinshuushinmachi
Let's take beetle in Nakajo
Nakajo The middle Road station Nakajo
Nagano Gion festival festival stand cruise
Zenko-ji, Nagano city The middle Around Chuo-dori, Zenko-ji
Nagano Star Festival Festival
kendo From the end to August 7 kendo
Shinonoi battle Festival
Shinonoi Last Saturday Around JR Shinonoi Station main street
Young ear contact dance
Young ear Last Saturday Around Nagano city young ear branch


Event Area Time Holding place
We drag Nagano bottle
Nagano city First Saturday Chuo-dori / Showa-dori
Mrs. Weston Corporation festival
Togakushi First Saturday Togakushi campground
Toyono yoishoko Festival
Toyono The beginning Around Toyono Station
Iizuna fire Festival
Least weasel 10th Master of least weasel plateau / size asana Pond
hijiri 3,000 stone Festival
Ooka 14th Ooka district
Zenko-ji tray fair
Zenko-ji 14th, 15th The Zenko-ji precincts
Kinasa oldness and summer festival
Kinasa 15th Kinasa athletic ground
roukaku lake floating of lanterns and fireworks display
Shinshuushinmachi 15th Shinshuushinmachi roukaku shore


Event Area Time Holding place
NAGANO street performance Festival
Nagano city The beginning Zenko-ji Omotesando & right temple
Shinshu Togakushi trail run race & outdoor festival
Togakushi, least weasel The end Togakushi, least weasel plateau


Event Area Time Holding place
Kawanakajima historic battleground festival
Kawanakajima The beginning Kawanakajima Hachimanpara park of historic interest
Matsuyo feudal clan Sanada 100,000 stone Festival
Matsuyo The beginning Matsudaimachi
hijiri 3,000 stone harvest festival
Ooka Fourth Sunday Ooka district
Togakushi demoness colored leaves Festival
Togakushi The end Togakushi wild storehouse campground
Kinasa demoness maple Festival
Kinasa The end Kinasa Imperial Palace mansion trace / farm village Park


Event Area Time Holding place
New side offering festival
Togakushi The beginning Togakushi Shrine
Shinshu mushikuramatsuri
Nakajo 3rd Road station Nakajo
Shinshuushinmachi fair
Shinshuushinmachi The beginning Shinshuushinmachi branch parking lots
Togakushi closing a mountain festival
Togakushi The beginning Togakushi Shrine Okusha
Apple picking walking
Toyono The middle Toyono
Nagano Ebisu festival signal fire meeting
Nagano city 23rd Saigawa riverbed


Event Area Time Holding place
Least weasel plateau skiing area, Togakushi skiing area opening
Least weasel, Togakushi The middle


Event Area Time Holding place
Zenko-ji 6th Zenko-ji
Ooka 7th Ooka reed no buttocks district
Togakushi New Year's bonfire
Togakushi Third Saturday Togakushi skiing area middle-scale shrine slope


Event Area Time Holding place
Zenko-ji 3rd Zenko-ji / right temple Akiba Shrine
Zenko-ji From the beginning to the middle Zenko-ji / Chuo-dori


Event Area Time Holding place
THE be - so
Togakushi The beginning Front garden of a shrine out of Togakushi Shrine
Matsuyo From the beginning to the beginning of April Matsudaimachi
Kirihara straw piece
Nagano city 8th Yoshida Kirihara faun company