Nagano sightseeing convention bureau

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We will introduce volunteer group supporting convention in after.

Association of Nagano city guide

We wait and, under the theme of walk, move into action in order to assume Zenko-ji Omotesando neighborhood "the best temple town in Japan". Hometown guide guides charm temple town including scenery to meet customer coming from each places of the whole country in meal and culture only in hometown, small alley let alone noted place until the end of for mind of hospitality. Please take a walk through way which ancient people walked slowly while remembering scenes at the time.
Representative Nagashi Matsumoto enthusiast
The person in charge Kunimitsu Sakai
The location 〒380-0835 The first floor of the 1485-1, Shindencho, Nagano-shi Nagano city monzempura seat TEL: 026-225-9911 FAX: 026-225-9911
The registration number of people 109 people
Necessary expense Town walk guide entrance fee one 500 yen. As for the details, please see homepage.

Play ekoru de, pine; club

In Matsuyo who is castle town of 100,000 koku of Sanada, we choose the whole town each in ekoru (in French school) in classroom in samurai residence or matsudaihambumbugakuko and develop studying castle town and sightseeing activity to call from cause 2004 of the activity furtherance of Nagano city. Character to respect every bumbu and taste for a long time roots in Matsuyo and more than 600 people who approved of purpose register in club and organize more than 50 specialized courses including flower arrangement, tea ceremony, the talk, the martial arts, and hospitality to tourist (person of studying) works.
Representative Masako Magario
The location 〒381-1231 TEL in 4-1, Matsushiromachimatsushiro, Nagano-shi Shinshu Matsuyo Tourism Association: 026-278-0550 FAX: 026-278-0551
The registration staff 600 people
Necessary expense We may have the actual expenses by contents.

Meeting of Matsuyo cultural assets volunteer

We guide mainly on cultural assets of Matsuyo from 1997. Member is divided into four groups and moves into action. Which "explaining guide, showpiece of cultural assets mainly on treasure building" "researches local cultural assets" "attending to liquid refreshments in the old Shirais front gate" is "supporting on-site training". We will arrange guide if you can make a reservation beforehand.
Representative Yuji Tokutake
The person in charge Kumiko Kitsugi
The location 〒381-1231 197-1, Matsushiromachimatsushiro, Nagano-shi TEL: 026-278-9010 FAX: 026-278-9010
The registration staff 110 people
Necessary expense We charge group body 1,000 yen as mail sent to the postal service costs. Look at the details on the Internet.

Meeting which brings up town and heart of NPO corporation dream Matsuyo Sorama

As for south end of Nagano city, Shinshu Matsuyo, Chikuma River, Mikata are towns which historic inheritance accumulated among mountains in the north. NPO dream space was established to promote Matsuyo district center city area activated basic plan "Shinshu Matsuyo whole museum plan" that Nagano city drew up in 2001 by civic participation. We excavate historic inheritance that is underlying in area and polish up and we suggest way of enjoying Matsuyo and send to the whole country. We perform the publication of various town walk guidebooks, holding of town walk tour, acceptance of town planning inspection.
Representative Atsumi Kayama
The person in charge Mita light this morning
The location 〒381-1231 TEL in 577, Matsushiromachimatsushiro, Nagano-shi Matsuyo-cho walk center: 026-278-1277 FAX: 026-278-1277
The registration staff 180 people
Necessary expense Town walk tour participation membership fee almost 500 yen town planning inspection acceptance 1,000 yen (material charges)

Meeting of Kinasa guidance volunteer

Virgin forest of beech and tochi more than 300 years years old spreads out, and culture resources of the "capital of Kyoto" including legend and the place name connection are beautiful, and, other than information for depths hem flower nature garden where "skunk cabbage" to boast of the Honshu's greatest scale to to fill this root blooms, information for Shinto shrine Buddhist temples such as Monju temples said to have worshiped jimatsuiwaoji related to colored leaves where guardian deity of children that it is said with the protection Buddha of demoness colored leaves is worshiped, gray mustache Shinto shrine for the Muromachi period that is country important cultural property, the protection Buddha of Yoshinaka Kiso, Chie Daisho Bodhisattva, flavor that blended guides high Kinasa.
Representative Hidemitsu Miyazawa
The person in charge Sightseeing in Kinasa promotion meeting
The location 〒381-4302 2750-1, Kinasahikage, Nagano-shi (Kinasa branch) TEL: 026-256-3188 FAX: 026-256-2237
The registration staff 13 people
Necessary expense We charge 3,000 yen for one guide.

Meeting of NPO corporation Togakushi forest botanical garden volunteer

We assume conduct of natural observation society, tree-planting program in Togakushi Fureai no Mori main activity for the purpose of environmental conservation in Togakushi Heights. We carry out natural observation party for every Sunday precedent to remove in the forest botanical garden between the winter season and perform observation fair in others firefly observation fair, Togakushi Heights nature walk, snow. We will arrange guide if you can make a reservation beforehand.
Representative Norio Mizukami
The person in charge Norio Mizukami
The location 〒388-8004 226-6, Shinonoiai, Nagano-shi TEL: 080-5141-9924 FAX: 026-292-3588
The registration staff 17 people
Necessary expense Participation membership fee 500 yen for adults/ Primary and secondary student 300 yen (including premium)

Meeting of Nagano SGG club temple bell

We perform various guides while we assist Zenko-ji and outskirts and Obuse, Matsuyo, volunteer tour guide for foreigners to Togakushi and people of wheelchair. In addition, we carry out various training, training for improvement in guide technology of member and act to be able to become better guide.
Representative Takeo Handa
The person in charge Takeo Handa
The location 〒381-1222 1996, Matsushiromachitoyosaka, Nagano-shi TEL: 026-278-6545/080-8847-0531 FAX: 026-278-6545
The registration staff 62 people
Necessary expense We collect membership fee than member and move into action in the fund. We may have the actual expenses by contents.

Research center (21.V.S.C) volunteer in the 21st century

It is group established in 1998 by Nagano Olympics volunteer volunteer. "Event raises people and develops activity for Nagano whom hospitality is rich in in catch phrase in people bring up area". In the Special Olympics, we took publicity work through 5 million blowtorch orchids (T-shirt sale) and performed administration or Sunkus party plan administration of SO town. We are good at hospitality for "taste of hometown" in interchange program and want to send warmth of mother of NAGANO.
Representative Fujiko Maruta
The person in charge Fujiko Maruta
The location 〒380-0832 TEL in Institute for downtown bustle in 15, Higashigocho, Nagano-shi Omotesando-cho station: 026-263-5181
The registration staff 50 people
Necessary expense We may have the actual expenses by contents.

Kawanakajima historic battleground Yahata Corporation volunteer guide

Shingen, two great rivals of Kenshin fight to a finish and, in the Battle of the fourth Kawanakajima where the war-torn country supremacy became the greatest in, stage and this Yahata Corporation precincts that it was, they remember those days and it is easy to be revealed and explains history.
Representative reimokuiwa
The person in charge Chief priest five disciplines
The location 〒381-2212 Kojimatamachi, Nagano-shi character Nitta 1362-1 hachibansha々musho TEL: 026-278-2673 FAX: 026-278-7403
The registration staff 12 people
Necessary expense In the case of bus group, there is reservation. Please refer.