Sightseeing in Nagano convention bureau

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Lunch, catering

※Rate publishing is thing as of March, 2018. As there is possibility such as rate revision, on order, please refer to each store beforehand. ※The price of lunch of photograph publication includes all tax with tea.

oginoya Nagano shop

In do* of Mashiko ware, it is adjustment in chicken, quail egg, shiitake, burdock, ingredients of nine kinds of good luck of fresh riches of the soil, village including apricot to rice which we cooked plainly. Slightly strongly-flavored seasoning of ingredients and moderate harmony with rice are right taste only for "oginoya". Please appreciate handmade natural taste.
The location 〒388-8018 Shinonoinishiderao, Nagano-shi Akagawa 2328-2 TEL: 026-293-2300 FAX: 026-293-9090

Fish law of nature joy store

Including rice from the prefecture, it is lunch which we packed with taste of healthy Shinshu such as mushrooms, wild plants, yam, nozawana, apricot, apple deliciously. I make taste of home town heartily to have many of you please.  For gathering of Shinshu, please appreciate lunch of our store in business for 100 years in Zenko-ji approach to a shrine Chuo-dori.
The location 〒380-0826 1443, Kitaishidocho, Minaminagano, Nagano-shi (pampas grass Domae) TEL: 026-226-2777 FAX: 026-226-1003
E-mail uoriki@cd.wakwak .com

Grass month

Using seasonal ingredients of Shinshu, it is pleasant lunch featuring deluxe rice. We want you to please from the heart. "Delicious" "is delicious" and wants to hear these words and makes hard. Please feel free to contact budget, delivery place. We can cope to from 700 yen to 3000 yen. Lunch of grass month "is reliable".
The location 〒381-0023 793, Kazama, Nagano-shi TEL: 026-221-6212 FAX: 026-221-9898

Mountain teahouse

It is lunch which cook of well-established Japanese restaurant more than founding 60 makes carefully safely. Including delicious rice of 100% of Koshihikari from Shinshu, we use ingredients from hometown abundantly, and taste minds to balance and color from the start. You offer various lunches to 1,240 yen - 3,000 yen, but please feel free to contact about budgets. Internet search is "mountain lunch".
The location 〒380-0834 Nagano city question Imperial Palace 1315 TEL: 026-233-3900 FAX: 026-237-6930
E-mail shidashi@yama39 .com
URL https:nagano-shidashi .com

Horai Nagano shop

I make security, relief, quality serious consideration in motto heartily. As for side and Oyaki, the nozawana, it is Shinshu heaping up in the omelet center of "relationship". We can change contents depending on budget and request. In addition, including delivery place please feel free to contact.
The location 〒380-0912 1972-1, Inabahizume, Nagano-shi TEL: 026-221-7172 FAX: 026-221-5727
URL http://www.h-rai .com

Kobayashi food

"megumi*betsubento of the earth" values seasonal taste and takes in local ingredients abundantly. Including wild plants tempura which you can feel season, please enjoy each seasonal delicious thing in "the four season". We thought about balance of nutrition and it was good for your health and finished. I make according to budget of customer. Please feel free to contact.
The location 〒380-0802 2-9-14, Uematsu, Nagano-shi TEL: 026-235-3987 FAX: 026-235-3356

Deli Cook chikuma

In ISO22000 certification acquisition factory, we carry out quality control that drove home to having top priority food safety from the raw materials stocking to end product. We use Shinshu salmon, Shinshu fried pork cutlet, Chisan product of Shinshu including Fukumi chicken teriyaki abundantly. Luxurious collaboration with Kuri-okowa and staple grains rice is one article of heart full loading of hospitality. In addition, in the case of search of lunch, dishes, inquiry, please utilize by all means as you publish on our homepage. We prepare to request, budget of customer. At first please refer.
The location 〒388-8003 428, Shinonoikomori, Nagano-shi TEL: 026-292-0986 FAX: 026-293-5663
E-mail chikuma@chikuma-f .com
URL http://www.chikuma-f .com

Hotel lunch catering

THE SAIHOKUKAN HOTEL (saihokukanhoteru)

"Japanese, Western, and Chinese style lunch" 2,700 yen (tax-included) ... (we deliver than five meals)
The location 〒380-0838 528-1, Agatamachi, Nagano-shi TEL: 026-235-3333 FAX: 026-235-3365
E-mail hotel@saihokukan .com
URL http://saihokukan .com

Hotel international 21

"Japanese-style lunch" "Western-style lunch" 1,620 yen (tax-included) ... (we deliver than eight meals)
The location 〒380-0838 576, Agatamachi, Nagano-shi TEL: 026-234-1501 FAX: 026-234-1400

Hotel Shinano road

"Japanese-style lunch" 1,200 yen (tax-included) ... (we deliver than ten meals)
The location 〒380-0936 131-4, Okadamachi, Nagano-shi TEL: 026-226-5212 FAX: 026-226-5168
URL http://www.hotel-shinanoji .com

Hotel Metropolitan Nagano

"Japanese and Western buffet" 4,500 yen ... (personnel expenses, machine parts costs separately)
The location 〒380-0824 1346, Minamiishidocho, Nagano-shi TEL: 026-291-7003 FAX: 026-291-7006

Hotel JAL city Nagano

1,620 yen (tax-included) ... (we deliver than five meals)
The location 〒380-0834 1221, Toigoshomachi, Nagano-shi TEL: 026-223-3800 FAX: 026-225-0031