Nagano sightseeing convention bureau

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Support program

To all of you that convention holding in Nagano city is examined, we offer abundant support menu and support system in our bureau. From preliminary stage to follow after holding, professional staff supports. Please feel free to contact.

1.Talking stage

Reporting, consultation of venue
Offers such as facility materials
Acceptance of prior inspection
Our bureau will bear transportation expenses of sponsor during consideration by academic conference, meeting holding in Nagano city. For details, please contact our bureau.
Rental of promotion DVD

2.Preliminary stage

Convention holding grant, held liability reserve loan application
Welcome signboard, tote bag, the city guidebook, culinary guide, request for convention bus application
Held meeting
Acceptance of preparations inspection
Adjustment, mediation with administration
Adjustment with each facility
Introduction of meeting, the accommodations
We will introduce abundant facility in Nagano city corresponding to every convention.
Introduction of convention-related plan
From PCO to travel agency, print, rental, we will introduce associated supplier who is essential for holding of convention.
Volunteer introduction
We will introduce led by volunteer group playing an active part in Nagano city.
Introduction of attraction
We will introduce folk art, drum in Nagano city, show dance
Offer of convention bus
Shuttle bus Participant will provide shuttle bus in more than 1,000 meetings.
Excursion bus Participant will provide sightseeing bus to two for excursion of more than 100 meetings.
Advice such as access, instruction
Cooperation to held common knowledge
Plan consultation such as pre-after conventions
Notice of taxi door welcome sticker
About more than 1000 conventions, notice is painful with welcome sticker at taxi door; do.
Notice of mall welcome poster
About more than 1000 conventions, notice is painful with welcome poster at each mall in Nagano city; do.
JR Nagano Station
Setting such as welcome signboards
We will install welcome signboard in digital signage of JR Nagano Station and venue door (when ※ participant is less than 500 as for one place, the more than 500 cases two).

3.The day of the holding

Introduction of foreign language interpreter, supporting interpreter volunteer
Rental of sightseeing DVD
We will rent DVD to introduce sightseeing of Nagano city to free of charge.
Offer of original tote bag
Offers such as tourist brochures
Hospitality to participant
"He/she is in does, and free again, to all of you participating in convention, Nagano" and "culinary guide" will provide tote bag guidebook in Nagano city. (one piece of 30 yen paid as for 2,000 pieces of tote bag for excess)
  • Guidebook, design of tote bag may be changed.

4.After the end

Held grant report, request procedure