Sightseeing in Nagano convention bureau

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We enjoy nature

We walk clean water and green power spot, Togakushi

Legend of a mirror-pond photograph
Legend of a mirror-pond
Model course (the time required: for 4-6 hours)
  • Nagano Station
  • Bus (one hour)
  • Togakushi middle-scale shrine
  • Legend of a mirror-pond
  • Togakushi forest botanical garden
  • Forest botanical garden
  • Bus (one hour ten minutes)
  • Nagano Station

It is walking course to enjoy nature of Togakushi. We can take a walk through Togakushi Shrine middle-scale shrine in Nature while praying, and looking at legendary mirror-pond. Plant which is a great variety of in very large forest nature garden and seasonal flower, We can observe approximately 120 kinds of wild birds to inhabit and "we learn of 82 forests and can learn forest learning building about nature and creature of forest with diorama and picture in I hate".

Legend of a mirror-pond
Forest botanical garden photograph
Forest botanical garden
Various wild bird photographs
We can encounter various wild birds

Legend of a mirror-pond to project silhouette of Togakushi mountain range with exquisite beauty seasonally. Above all, bright color stares wide-eyed in season of colored leaves, and contrast of mountain and pond is wonderful.

Neighboring facilities, highlight
  • ・Togakushi Shrine
  • ・Togakushi Kamitsuge Onsen (day trip bath)
  • ・Togakushi Museum of Daily Life
  • ・Togakushi style art of concealment and espionage museum
  • ・Yasunari Kawabata literature monument
  • ・Bamboo work center

We touch ogre pushing out and nature of Karuizawa

Mount Asama photograph which still smokes
Mount Asama which still smokes
Model course (the time required: at approximately 4-5 time)
  • Nagano Station
  • Bus (60 minutes)
  • Komoro IC
  • Bus (50 minutes)
  • Ogre pushing out garden - former Karuizawa walk
  • Karuizawa Station

Ogre pushing out garden born by Asama Yamadai eruption of 1783 (Tenmei 3). We are known as art of lava, and Asama Heights first-rate scenery whom rock and Nature conveying intensity of eruption in now weave opens. There are many Mount Asama Kannondo and Asama volcano Museum, highlight including alpine plant in garden, too.

Former Karuizawa
Former Karuizawa photograph
Former Karuizawa
Shiraito Falls photograph
Shiraito Falls

Summer resort Karuizawa that was opened up by Canadian propagator. Unique culture and rich nature which there is exoticism cannot help attracting heart of many people. We can enjoy variously when we visit forest bathing and shopping, famous place.

The highlight
  • ・Shiraito Falls
  • ・Old Mikasa Hotel
  • ・Wakita Museum
  • ・Former Karuizawa forest no Museum
  • ・The show house Memorial
  • ・Former Karuizawa Ginza
  • ・Karuizawa Prince shopping plaza

Photo courtesy: Shinshu, Nagano tourist association

We visit Kamakura, Bessho Onsen of Shinshu

Triple tower photograph of former Yamadera
Triple tower of former Yamadera
Model course (the time required: at approximately 5-6 time)
  • Nagano Station
  • Bus (70 minutes)
  • Bessho-Onsen Station
  • The Kannon for former Yamadera, Anrakuji, north
  • Bus (30 minutes)
  • Ueda Station

Bessho Onsen where it is got close to people for a long time as place of sabbath medical treatment so that it is written down in book of the Heian era. There remains a lot, and cultural assets valuable historically including eight angles of triple towers (Anrakuji, national treasure) where there is only one in triple tower (compound sentence) and Japan of former Yamadera heal heart and body of person visiting.

The Kannon facing north
Tahoto photograph of Jorakuji (the Kannon facing north)
Of Jorakuji (the Kannon facing north)
Octagonal triple tower (Anrakuji) photograph
Octagonal triple tower (Anrakuji)

The name is known for rare hallowed ground as yakujokanon in the whole country where the main hall of a Buddhist temple faces the north. In Jorakuji art museum of the Jorakuji precincts that are this Bo, we can see many precious treasure of a temple and art.

The highlight
  • ・Ikushima foot island Shrine
  • ・Shinano Kokubunji (triple tower)
  • ・Nogura couple travelers' guardian deity
  • ・Ueda Castle
  • ・Silence building
  • ・Shotaro Ikenami Sanada Taihei note building
  • ・Bessho Onsen (public bathhouse)

Photo courtesy 1 genshu, Nagano tourist association

The highlight of Shinshuushinmachi

Pleasure boat (Saigawa roukaku lake)
Pleasure boat photograph

Around natural beauty spot "kyubeirokyo," pleasure boat navigates throughout the year. It is sight-seeing course of approximately one hour when we can eat popular Mongolian mutton barbecue on board.

The highlight of Nakajo

Road station, Nakajo
Road station photograph

Road station, Nakajo in Olympics roadside linking Hakuba-mura to Nagano city. "obukko" and "Yakimochi" of local cuisine are noted products. Including local fresh vegetables and fruit, special product which is full of local character is popular.