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We visit history and culture of Shinshu

While enjoying cityscape of Zenko-ji - door front

Zenko-ji main hall of a Buddhist temple photograph
The main hall of a Buddhist temple (national treasure)
Model course (the time required: at about 2-4 time)
  • Nagano Station
  • The Seven Deities of Good Luck circulation, Zenko-ji worship
  • Nagano Station
Zenko-ji where "it is pulled by beef, and the name is known to for visit to Zenko-ji." In the main hall of a Buddhist temple which is national treasure, we can experience "ordination platform circulation" to conflict with lock to Buddhists' paradise over the pitch-black corridor under floor. We finished the dismantling repair in 2007, and the main gate of a Buddhist temple of important cultural property was restored now on the foundation original ** (tochibuki) roof equal to approximately 260 years ago.
Nakamise photograph
The main gate of a Buddhist temple (important cultural property) photograph
The main gate of a Buddhist temple (important cultural property)
Cityscape which there is gradually history atmosphere towards Zenko-ji appears. We visit Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine scattering in city area of Nagano and can take a walk through Zenko-ji by "the Seven Deities of Good Luck circulation" to attract sealed letters issued by a shogun from Nagano Station.
The Seven Deities of Good Luck circulation
  • Nagano Station
  • The God of Longevity (Karukaya Hikaru Yamanishi temple)
  • God of wealth (great king Shrine)
  • The God of Wealth and Longevity (Nishigocho Akiba Shrine)
  • Sarasvati (the House of death)
  • Irreplaceable Hotei (THE FUJIYA GOHONJIN)
  • The Ebisu sky (Nishinomiya Shrine)
  • The god of treasure (House of Buddha Shakado)
  • The Zenko-ji main hall of a Buddhist temple
Neighboring facilities, highlight
  • ・Kaii Higashiyama building
  • ・Nagano city Shiroyama Zoo
  • ・Shiroyama Park

We mention history of castle town Matsuyo

The ruins of Matsuyo-jo Castle photograph
The ruins of Matsuyo-jo Castle
Model course (the time required: at about 3-5 time)
  • Nagano Station
  • Bus (30 minutes)
  • Walk in ruins of Matsuyo-jo Castle, Matsudaimachi
  • Bus (30 minutes)
  • Nagano Station
Matsuyo who is known as the picturesque ground overlooking Kawanaka Hitoshi Shima located at the south of Nagano city. It is the town of history having many designated cultural assets. Historic spot and museum, old temples scatter and can feel history of Matsuyo while taking a walk with relaxing including Sanada's house leaving style of the ruins of Matsuyo-jo Castle which were castle of 100,000 koku of Sanada and former daimyo's mansion.
ekoru de, pine margin
Sanada's house photograph
Sanada's house
Approach to protect while using cultural assets of Matsuyo as the stage of hobby and lifelong learning, and caring for. Attention gathers from the prefectural inside and outside.
The highlight
  • ・The ruins of Matsuyo-jo Castle
  • ・Sanada treasure building
  • ・Sanada's house
  • ・bumbugakuko
  • ・Shozan Shrine
  • ・The Shozan Memorial
  • ・Shozan dugout
  • ・The old Maejimas house
  • ・Long country temple

It is healed in power spot, Togakushi

Togakushi soba photograph
Many noodle shops link the eaves in Togakushi
Model course (the time required: at about 4-6 time)
  • Nagano Station
  • Bus (one hour)
  • Togakushi Hokosha
  • Hokosha, kakoregokosha, middle-scale shrine worship
  • Togakushi middle-scale shrine
  • Bus (five minutes)
  • Togakushi Okusha entrance
  • Okusha, nine dragons company worship
  • Togakushi Okusha entrance
  • Bus (one hour ten minutes)
  • Nagano Station
Many legends including Iwato legend of the Sun-Goddess, colored leaves legend of demoness colored leaves are in Mount Togakushi, and there are many historic spots concerning that, and there remains. To believer visiting Togakushi Shrine as carrying food of mountaineering ascetic as for the famous Togakushi soba again behaved, and, as cooking, was handed down for a long time.
Togakushi Shrine
Suginami tree photograph which follows Okusha
Suginami tree which continues to Okusha
Okusha photograph
It is from five companies of Okusha, middle-scale shrine, Hokosha, nine dragons Corporation, kakoregokosha, and Togakushi said to be "Mt. 3,000 3, Bo" with Mt. Hiei-zan, Mt. Koya-san as dojo studio of mountaineering asceticism ticks away history for more than 2,000 years since the foundation. Suginami tree continuing to Okusha still has mysterious atmosphere.
The highlight
  • ・Togakushi Kamitsuge Onsen (day trip bath)
  • ・Togakushi Museum of Daily Life
  • ・Togakushi style art of concealment and espionage museum
  • ・Yasunari Kawabata literature monument
  • ・Bamboo work center

It is trip aimlessly to Obuse, Suzaka

Chestnut nokomichi (Obuse-machi) photograph
Chestnut nokomichi (Obuse-machi)
Model course (the time required: for about six hours)
  • Nagano Station (bus ten minutes)
  • Zenko-ji
  • Bus (40 minutes)
  • Obuse-machi walk
  • Bus (ten minutes)
  • Suzaka-shi walk
  • Bus (30 minutes)
  • Nagano Station
Obuse-machi that prospered blessed with rich transportation by water of the Chikuma River as the center of economy, culture of Kitashinano late in the Edo era. Historic inheritance is valid with modern town planning. The town of storehouse where Suzaka-shi prospered in the spinning business in the Meiji era. Store, museum, art museum which made use of storehouse can remember those days.
Hokusai building (Obuse-machi)
Hokusai building (Obuse-machi) photograph
Hokusai building (Obuse-machi)
Hokusai who stayed in Obuse for a long time in later years, and measured the collected studies of painting. Valuable original painting, rough sketch, letter are displayed in hall.
The Tanaka head family Museum (Suzaka-shi)
> Tanaka head family Museum (Suzaka-shi) photograph
The Tanaka head family Museum (Suzaka-shi)
Reception hall or head family link the eaves other than ikesenkaiyushikiteien. Plan exhibition is carried out other than permanent exhibition in pavilion where we redecorated storehouse into.
The highlight
  • ・obuse museum
  • ・Japanese light Museum
  • ・The Kozan Takai Memorial
  • ・The House of Iwamatsu
  • ・Garyu Park (Suzaka-shi Zoo)
  • ・Visit to miso granary
  • ・beikodai*fu
  • ・Suzaka print Museum
Photo courtesy: Shinshu, Nagano tourist association

- Matsumoto who enjoys "Alpine castle town where culture is full"

Matsumoto-jo Castle photograph
Matsumoto-jo Castle
Model course (the time required: at about 4-5 time)
  • Nagano Station
  • Bus (20 minutes)
  • Kawanakajima historic battleground
  • Bus (five minutes)
  • Nagano IC
  • Bus (60 minutes)
  • Matsumoto-jo Castle, old development of knowledge school
  • Bus (ten minutes)
  • Matsumoto Station
Matsumoto is about 90 minutes from Nagano city. Castle town where foot of the Northern Alps, national treasure, Matsumoto-jo Castle have history of 400 years of symbol. Feature of history to remain strongly can taste culture full.
National treasure Matsumoto-jo Castle
Fukashi-jo Castle made in the eternity year of the age of civil strife begins, and Japan is oldest in five folds of existing the sixth-floor castle towers and is castle of national treasure having "compound connection type castle tower" of the Japan one and only.
Heritage Former Kaichi School
Old development of knowledge school photograph
Old development of knowledge school
Cityscape photograph of Matsumoto
Cityscape of Matsumoto
Structure is wooden, and it is central, and, by Western-influenced architecture super school architecture of my kokuitokokyu built in opening of a school, 1876 in 1873 by (1873), octagon tower soars in crosspiece tile-roofing, marquetry ware 2 stories godown style highly, and foreign-made glass (glass) is attached to each window.
The highlight
  • ・Matsumoto City Museum of Art
  • ・Forest library of Agata
  • ・Matsumoto-jo Castle downtown area spring group
  • ・Utsukushigahara plateau
  • ・Kamikochi