Nagano sightseeing convention bureau

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Information for convention bus (for movement between venue for sightseeing)

We will provide convention bus if there are any hope at meeting to meet constant requirements as support menu to all of you that convention holding in Nagano city is examined in our bureau. Please feel free to contact. ※When we collect service expense from participant, it is excluded ※As there are the congestion sururu date and time very much depending on the use season, please consult early.

Shuttle bus

Participant provides shuttle bus in the upper limit for 500,000 yen in more than 1,000 meetings. (as a general rule, it becomes correspondence of route bus type.)
Service image chart

Excursion bus

Sightseeing spot photograph around the Nagano city
Sightseeing spot around the Nagano city
Participant will provide sightseeing bus to two for excursion of more than 100 meetings. (one bus capacity around 45)
Model course example (the time required: for about four hours)
4-5 hours degree (the details accept request.)
  • Nagano Station
  • Bus
  • Togakushi middle-scale shrine
  • Bus
  • Togakushi forest botanical garden
  • Bus
  • Lunch (Togakushi soba)
  • Nagano Station
List of model courses

Information for dream rear bus park (Nagano Station east exit bus wait ground)

  • 1.But special reason may change this for question/from 0:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (24 hours) at available time once.
  • 2.Cars more than 11 available vehicle ride capacity
  • 3.
    Use question/bus platform about less than 15 minutes per once, bus wait ground about less than 30 minutes ※When we exceed pipe at use per once mentioned above and use, we may give an order for withdrawal from dream rear bus park.
  • 4.We are free of charge as rate/principle ※But there may be a charge. (ask the person in charge about the details.)
When it navigates exclusive bus (so-called shuttle bus) as transportation means to venues of special event for temporariness, we loan a part of dream rear bus park by application for a fee. (ask the person in charge about the details.)

Inquiry/Nagano city transport policy section TEL: 026-224-5012