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Privacy policy

Nagano sightseeing convention bureau official site ("we say our site." as follows In), we handle about collection, the use, management of personal information appropriately and act for the making of site to be able to use to all of you in peace.

With personal information

Personal information is information about individual and we can distinguish authorized individual by other descriptions on full name, the date of birth included in the information concerned and say (we include thing which may distinguish authorized individual by collating with other information.). (address, full name, phone number, E-mail address)

Collection of personal information

We clarify collection purpose and collect collection of personal information in necessary limit. In addition, as a general rule, we collect from the person when we collect personal information.

The use, offer of personal information

We use personal information that we collected other than the collection purpose and do not provide.

Management of personal information

In management of personal information, we take measures such as prevention of leak and keep to precise thing. In addition, we cross personal information that did not have to hold surely and immediately.

About record of access log

We record information (IP address, type, access time of browser) of read terminal as access log. This uses for statistical analysis of operational management and use situation of our site. In addition, we cannot identify individual by these information.

About the use of Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to grasp the use situation of site in our site. Google Analytics collects information of user using Cookie, but does not acquire information to identify individual. Please confirm about Terms of Use, privacy policy of Google Analytics on homepage of Google Analytics. In addition, about the damage by use of service of Google Analytics, our corporation shall not take responsibility.

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