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About Nagano city public wireless LAN service "Nagano City Free Wi-Fi"

News 2018/02/20

We apply Nagano city public wireless LAN "Nagano City Free Wi-Fi" that the Internet is available to regardless of free of charge and mobile device company to be able to connect to improvement of tourist and business visitor visiting Nagano city in convenience and attractive dispatch of Nagano city.

* The use area 
①The Nagano Station Zenkoji exit station square
②The Nagano Station east exit station square

③Togakushi Shrine Okusha entrance square

④Around Matsushiromachi "Matsushiro Station"bus stop

○The use conditions
(1) SSID "Nagano_City_Free_Wi-Fi"
(2) The use needs registration of e-mail address.
(3) It is the use time each time until 30 minutes. (available again and again)
(4) Apparatus that smartphones were equipped with Web browser for Wi-Fi is necessary. It may not be available by model.
(5) In the use
   Wi-Fi is available with approximately 140,000 places of whole country only by the first registration.
   When you do not use application, user's registration is necessary every available area.
   On registration, please set communication terminals such as smartphones after Wi-Fi made usable state.

■When we use application
①Download connection application "Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi"
②Start application and register in e-mail address or SNS account

▶Download the application here

■When not using the application
①Select "Nagano_City_Free_Wi-Fi" of designated connection ID (SSID)
②Register e-mail addresses by browser that stood up

 Nagano City Office Tourism Promotion Section TEL 026-224-8316