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Latest information

Announcement of part hall stop accompanied with young village people's culture hall facility repair work for rent

News 2018/02/22

Young village people's culture hall will perform repair others construction of hanging ceiling to plan damage reduction at the time of large-scale earthquake occurrence.
During construction period, we will stop hall of hall for rent.

[hall outage for rent] Until from September 1, 2019 (Heisei 31) to March 31, 2020 (Heisei 32) ※Daylong

[hall stop range for rent] Hall
         ※About meeting room on young village people's culture the second floor of the hall, special meeting room and promenade gallery,
          It may become hall stop range for rent by the situation of construction.

[window duties] We accept window duties such as application reception desk of facility use, payment during hall outage for rent.
For details, please confirm in HP (the following address).

 ◆M wave big hat office
  TEL 026-223-2223