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We renewed official site

News 2016/12/19

We renewed official site (sightseeing site convention site) to be able to use site to used all of you more comfortably and were released from Monday, December 19. We will tell about point and precaution of renewal of new site.

* Renewal point
①Indication optimization to smartphone tablet terminal
 Sightseeing site convention site was conventional site together and coped with indication at non-compliant smartphone tablet terminal.

②Improvement of foreign language site publication information and new establishment of Thai site
 We plan improvement of publication contents to strengthen disseminating information to inbound (visit to Japan foreigner tourist) to increase rapidly and in late years we target Thailand where visit to Japan tourist increases to and build site of Thai newly.
※But, about foreign language site except English version, we plan exhibition of the end of January, 2017. During then, site is displayed about Chinese (simplified Chinese character, Chinese Traditional) and Korean conventionally.

③Interlocking movement with tour guidance tool "Japan Concierge"
 By cooperation with tour guidance tool "Japan Concierge" which town planning platform provided, we came to be able to make tour plan of Nagano city on official site.

* Precaution
As we work on adjustment in site until the end of January, 2017 when foreign language site except some functions of sightseeing site and English is released, we would appreciate your understanding.