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News of closing accompanied with Hokuto culture hall repair work

News 2017/11/28

Hokuto culture hall (citizens of Nagano Cultural Center) is closed until from January, 2018 to July to carry out renewal construction such as timeworn facilities.

[closing period]
 ◆Until all the buildings from January, 2018 (Heisei 30) to the end of June except large middle hall ※Daylong
 ◆Large middle hall      Until from January, 2018 (Heisei 30) to the end of July ※Daylong

[window business]
 During closing, we perform school affairs such as application reception desk, ticketing of facility use in administrative office.
 ※As a general rule, window business stops every Monday (when Monday is holiday the next day), too.

In addition, the number of the seats after repair is changed to widen width of seat chair of large middle hall with repair work.
 ◆2,163 seats of coliseums (before repair) → It is 1,961 seats (after the repair)
 ◆1,062 seats of middle halls (before repair) → It is 976 seats (after the repair)
 ※Wheelchair seat is not included in the number of seats.

For details, please confirm in HP (the following address).

 ◆Hokuto culture hall (citizens of Nagano Cultural Center)
  TEL 026-226-0008