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susume of Nagano city camp
Climate of Nagano city suitable for exercise environment
As for the altitude of Nagano city area, altitude of least weasel plateau and Togakushi Heights where about 360m, outdoor camp facility are concentrated belongs to about 1,000-1,300m and the cool altitudes. Humidity is low through the year and is area where it is most suitable for camp environment because fine weather rate is high. Camp at plateau is intense exercise, but exercise that is effective under the refreshing air of plateau by climate that is hard to suffer from heat stroke is possible.
●Mean temperature of Nagano city and mean humidity
  January February March April May June July August September October November December
Mean temperature (℃) -0.7 0.4 4.4 10.5 16.7 20.5 24.7 25.4 21.0 14.7 8.0 2.4
Mean humidity (%) 79 75 69 62 62 70 75 75 75 75 77 78
It is always high-altitude training
Because outdoor camp facility belongs to highlands of about 1,000-1,300m above sea level, exercise in camp becomes high-altitude training naturally. By hypoxia, training under conditions of low pressure, camp effect is outstanding, too.
Change feeling on music stage of plateau
In camp facility of music system, there is music stage of plateau, too. Music exercise is possible for unusual feeling in front of seat of green lawn. Presentation that we sometimes invite customer may become pressure conquest in public performances such as contests by possibility.
We are refreshed from all over from meal from Nagano
Shinshu gold gamefowl and Shinshu salmon of brand from Nagano, local cuisine such as seasonal highland vegetable and fruit, side or Jingisukan and Nagano ingredients from are taste perfect scores anytime. You eat a lot of delicious things from Nagano, and please make bodies. Meal which sometimes calms heart with Buddhist cuisine of Zenko-ji door front is recommended. 
Nagano city sightseeing information
We lodge together in Nagano city, and let's obtain "the tough body" and "tough mind".
Victory prayer spot
Zenko-ji & Togakushi Shrine
Ichizenkouji, Nagano, Togakushi Shrine place where Shingen Takeda, Kenshin Uesugi of war-torn country military commander ever did the victory prayer together. For the completion of Nagano camp, have victory prayer in game and contest.
Mental reinforcement spot
Zen meditation experience
In live temple belonging to the Zen sect of Nagano city, we perform "Zen which it gave life" to made use of in everyday life live Zen. We stare at oneself again, and we do mental reinforcement through Zen meditation experience, and how?
We will see only this!
Zenko-ji approach to a shrine
We wait for Zenko-ji approach to a shrine aimlessly and, after long victory prayer, walk. Delicious thing, handy souvenir are found.
Nature of least weasel plateau, Togakushi Heights
It is plateau for approximately 30 minutes from Nagano city area. We pass the summer in the fresh green, summer and can enjoy colored leaves and seasonal nature in autumn in spring.
Kaii Higashiyama building
How is sometimes even art appreciation while seeing work about nature of Shinshu?
We will eat only this!
Speaking of Nagano, it is "side". The "side varies by area, too". Have comparing the tastes including Togakushi soba in the bloom of botchi, door front Shippoku soba around Zenko-ji, right and left plateau side of Shinshuushinmachi.
Zenko-ji Buddhist cuisine
We can have in dorters around Zenko-ji. Sometimes have calm meal thyme.
Native district meal of Nagano. It is different by devised ingredients materials using seasonal vegetables, thing which we burnt, thing which we steamed, shop including thing which we fried. When the small is hungry, please.
The western part of Nagano city, special product of Shinshuushinmachi. Shop is called Jingisukan way by measuring up Route 19 to be dotted with. Soft Suffolk from Shinshu is pickled by sauce with full of extract of fruit, taste perfect score.
Besides, many tourist attractions and special products are varied
Please utilize Nagano city sightseeing information site "Nagano sightseeing net".
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