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Application guide
1) Let's look for camp facility!
In Nagano city, camp facility corresponding to various competitions is prepared.
Volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis, kendo, Kyudo, judo, wind music.
Swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming, diving.
Tennis court
Rubber-ball tennis.
Turf ground
Soccer, rugby, American football.
Baseball field
Rubber-ball hardball baseball.
Skating rink
Ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating, short track race.
Skiing area
Ski competition, snowboarding competition, snowball fight.
2) Let's look for the accommodations!
If camp facility is decided, let's look for the accommodations. Nagano city has relatively reasonable inn and hotel other than city hotel, budget hotel of city area and accepts camp. In addition, there are hotel, inn, pension of mountain on plateau, too.
●City hotel of Nagano city area
●Reasonable hotel, inn
●Pension, inn of plateau
3) Flow of application
★Camp facility to reference of each facility. In addition, inquiry of each facility where Nagano is run by city to the Nagano city Sports Division.
TEL.026-224-5083 FAX.026-224-7351
★The accommodations to reference of each facility. Or to Nagano city hotel inn association
TEL.026-232-3484 FAX.026-232-0460
Money of support grant
Camp holding support gold
We stay, and money of support is issued within the budget about camps more than 60 number of the total of hotel guests holding in Nagano city by our bureau.
Camp to be targeted for support
Group with base is inapplicable in Nagano interjurisdictional affiliation sphere.
●Junior high school, high school, university, other vocational schools ※1
Group to organize in student belonging to this and students ※2
※1) Elementary school, kindergarten is excluded.
※2) Thing which admitted that educational institution where student belongs to follows off campus activity and it is best.
●Various groups which belong to company and company
●Group to organize in members of society with the goal of meeting participation
From held decision
Flow until money of support grant