Sightseeing in Nagano convention bureau

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Six points to promise memorable convention

Hospitality of the Olympics site

Nagano city does well for a long time as Monzen-cho of Zenko-ji known to the whole country and is tourist city that person of 6 million visits for exposition once in seven years at calendar year in two months. Heart of global hospitality has been improved as international city NAGANO since we sent big impression to the world in the Winter Olympics of 1998. Including Olympics facility conveying heat at the time in the city, facility corresponding to event and convention of every field and the accommodations treating visitor warmly are prepared abundantly. Meeting, meeting, society, including camp, please spend all together substantial time in Shinshu, Nagano city full of rich nature which can enjoy various sports and excursions seasonally if they extend a trip a little.

1.Various convention facilities

Including Olympics facility, we offer facility for convention of various fields, scales.

2.The backup system of relief

By abundant support menu, professional staff helps from preliminary stage.

3.We support financially

Grant or money of support is issued by convention athletic meets to meet constant requirements.

4.Convention is enriched in after, too

Please enjoy impression experience only by Nagano reciteing rich nature, history, culture in the suburbs of Nagano city casually.

5.Town full of "hearts of hospitality"

Support system by volunteer is fulfilling. We have for heart of hospitality.

6."Center of Japan" accessibility

By Shinkansen, access from major cities of the whole country is convenient on expressway.