Nagano sightseeing convention bureau

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Nagano Tokyu REI hotel

Nagano Station east map <A> b-5

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  • There is Wi-Fi
The location 〒380-0823 1-28-3, Minamichitose, Nagano-shi
Contact information
  • TEL: 026-223-1090
  • FAX: 026-229-7770
  • Is car than JR Nagano Station Zenkoji exit than/Nagano IC in a 1-minute walk; about 30 minutes

Good location, good access in front of Nagano Station. Please use as base of Shinshu area.

It is about 1 minute on foot from Nagano Station. It is characterized by good access to be directly connected to by underpass (shutter closes and, in crime prevention, cannot pass 23:00-7:00).
The halls are unified by design of woodgraining reflecting the image of forest of Shinshu.
We heal fatigue of trip, and business can sincerely use for sightseeing to needs of customer in relaxing comfortable guest room.

Convention correspondence

The reception desk start dateAt any time
The use timeFrom 8:00 to 22:00
Closed daysHaving no days off
Parking lotUnavailable
Venue nameArea (heihometoru)Seating capacity (people)The daily fee for use (Japanese yen)
SchoolTheaterFormal dinner
Germe (jierumu)7424302422,000
  • The fee for use until two hours. It is 11,000 yen together with addition for one hour.
  • The fee for use includes consumption tax.
Incidental facilitiesRestaurant "Blanche"
EquipmentWireless microphone, pin microphone, screen, whiteboard


Reception correspondence

Western food (two hours all-you-can-drink)
One6,000 yen, 7,000 yen, 9,000 yen (tax-included)
Meeting room (Germe)

Meeting room (Germe)


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