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Communal lodge Matsuyo-so

Matsuyo map <B> e-1

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The location 〒381-1221 3541, Matsushiromachihigashijo, Nagano-shi
Contact information
  • Is car than/Nagano IC than the JR Nagano Station east exit for taxi 25 minutes; about five minutes
There is to Matsuyo who is corner of Yoshimitsu Teradaira, castle town of 100,000 koku of Sanada. In Matsushiro Onsen with Matsuyo-so, history is old, and, in the old days, Nichiren holy priest heals fatigue, and effect said to be "hidden hot water" of Shingen Takeda is high hot spring. After various meetings, we can have you relax slowly in hot spring.
Large hall

Large hall

Open-air bath

Open-air bath

Convention correspondence

The reception desk start dateFor six months
The use timejikanosodan
Closed daysUnavailable
Parking lot60 normal cars (free)
Parking timeDaylong
Venue nameArea (heihometoru)Seating capacityThe daily fee for useRemarks
SchoolTheaterFormal dinnerBuffet
Large hall21011022010020050,000 
  • The publication fee for use uses as a guide of the basic fee for use (we include lighting costs at air conditioning costs, ceremony, meeting holding time) of ceremony, meeting in weekdays (we calculate on/1st at 5:00 p.m. from 9:00 a.m.), and please see.
  • Tax-included
Incidental facilitiesJapanese restaurant


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