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Royal Hotel Nagano (former: Shinshu Matsuyo Royal Hotel)

Matsuyo map <B> d-1

  • Convention facility
  • The accommodations
  • There is Wi-Fi
The location 〒381-1215 1372-1, Matsushiromachinishiterao, Nagano-shi
Contact information
  • From JR Nagano Station is approximately 40 minutes by route bus
  • Is car than Nagano IC; approximately two minutes
It takes only 2 minutes from Joshinetsu Expressway "Nagano Interchange" by car. It is hotel proud of 13 stories above the ground, big scale of 345 number of the guest rooms. Please thoroughly enjoy "Matsuyo" brought up by nature of very beautiful scenery and the history of castle town of Sanada 100,000 stone.

Royal hall

Convention correspondence

The reception desk starting date For one year
Use time If there is request, please consult about use time for from 7:00 to 23:00. As parking lot is limited, please consider.
Closed days There is, and please refer
Parking lot 276 large car seven normal cars (free)
Parking time Daylong
Venue name Area (heihometoru) Seating capacity The daily fee for use Remarks
School Theater Formal dinner Buffet
Royal H 1,015 500 1,000 500 900 2,160,000 Division into three are possible
Grand H 300 120 300 100 120 750,000
Togakushi 98 32 84 40 60 210,000
Least weasel 82 30 70 30 40 200,000
Mountain rising to a great height 89 30 64 30 30 200,000 Division into two are possible
Norikura 89 30 64 30 30 200,000 Division into two are possible
Madarao 114 40 96 225,000
Myoko 95 36 80 210,000
Kurohime 113 40 96 225,000
  • The publication fee for use uses as a guide of the basic fee for use (we include lighting costs at air conditioning costs, ceremony, meeting holding time) of ceremony, meeting in weekdays (we calculate on /1 day at 5:00 p.m. from 9:00 a.m.), and please see.
  • Publication rate includes consumption tax, service charge.
Incidental facilities Japanese, Western, and Chinese style restaurant, large communal bath, stand
Equipment Microphone, screen, projector, whiteboard

Reception correspondence

As you can accept offering with Japanese food, French cuisine, Chinese food, please refer in detail.
  • Dishes photograph is imaged

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