Sightseeing in Nagano convention bureau

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Hotel international 21

Nagano Station west map <A> b-3

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  • There is Wi-Fi
The location 〒380-0838 576, Agatamachi, Nagano-shi
Contact information
  • Is car than JR Nagano Station Zenkoji exit; five minutes, a 15-minute walk
  • Is car than Nagano IC; approximately 20 minutes
The center of Nagano city, full-scale city hotel among groves in front of the prefectural office. made sweet from single, one size wide design. It is most suitable as base of sightseeing in Kitashinano. We help with various conventions including meeting and meeting of international grade for total.


Convention correspondence

The reception desk starting date At any time
Use time We provide consultation.
Closed days Without holiday
Parking lot 300 normal cars (possible recreational vehicle) (free)
Parking time Daylong
Venue name Area (heihometoru) Seating capacity (person) The daily fee for use (Japanese yen) Remarks
School Theater Formal dinner Buffet
Chitose 1,033 675 1,500 530 1,000 Consultation required Division into three are possible
Cotton rose 500 280 480 270 300 Consultation required Division into two are possible
Yayoi 204 100 150 100 120 Consultation required
Wisteria 460 250 460 250 300 Consultation required Division into two are possible
Aoi 106 50 70 40 60 Consultation required Division into two are possible
Snow grouse 64 20 40 30 40 Consultation required
Gentian 62 20 40 30 35 Consultation required
shirakaba 32 12 20 10 Consultation required
Incidental facilities Skylounge, Chinese restaurant, Japanese banquet dishes, beauty treatment salon, bedrock bath, Italian restaurant, stands cafe, cafe lounge
Equipment Stage, sound, lighting setup, moving light, microphone, projector, screen

Catering correspondence

Lunch, eight good variety of food on the table dishes - buffet dishes - osodan
  • We accept reception than 8 other people.

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