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Northern sports recreation park

Nagano city northern part map <C> E-4

  • Sports facility
The location 〒381-0081 Nagano city larger section of a village 3 years old 1981-1
Contact information
  • TEL: 026-266-0582
  • FAX: 026-266-0583
  • It is a 5-minute walk from Shinano Railway Co.,ltd. Sansai Station

Exercise open space

Extreme sports open space

Mallet golf course

On large site, wide generation prepares available facilities from child to the elderly.

There are facilities such as outdoor ground which we can use for ball game including baseball and soccer, indoor athletic ground of sand-containing artificial turf, 910 meters of walking courses, mallet golf course of all 18 holes going around the garden, skatepark with various sections.
Let's interchange while getting close to sports in green casually.

Convention correspondence

The reception desk starting date Two months unit of each year from April to March. We start acceptance for two months, the following day in odd month.
Use time From 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (in the mallet golf course until 5:00 p.m.)
Closed days The year-end and New Year holidays (mallet golf course is closed down in the winter season)
Parking lot Approximately 150 cars (free)
Venue name Area (heihometoru) Facility summary The fee for use Remarks
Exercise open space 11,000 One baseball
One softball
One soccer
[citizen] 700 yen (one hour)
[other than citizen] 2,100 yen (one hour)
※Road according to broadcasting equipment, lighting rate
※Reservation required
Athletic ground
  Four tennis courts
Two futsal
Six gate ball
suru case exclusive at meetings
(in one tennis court)
[citizen] Morning 2,100 yen afternoon 3,000 yen
[other than citizen] Morning 6,300 yen afternoon 9,000 yen
※Road according to broadcasting equipment, lighting rate
※Reservation required
Golf course
  The 18 holes Once ticket public 300 yen high school student, silver 200 yen small, junior high student 100 yen
It is 100 yen about one set of tool rental one time
※No appointment necessary
Sports open space
1,300 Skateboarding
Bicycle motocross
In-line skate
Once ticket public 300 yen high school student, silver 200 yen small, junior high student 100 yen ※No appointment necessary
Lawn open space 2,700 Various playground equipments   ※No appointment necessary
One lap
    ※No appointment necessary
Management ridge   Meeting room, locker room ・
It is one 200 yen every meeting room morning, afternoon, night
Shower once 100 yen
※Only meeting room requires reservation
※Road according to air-conditioning costs
  • The fee for use includes consumption tax.

Indoor athletic ground

Lawn open space

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