Sightseeing in Nagano convention bureau

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Aqua wing (Nagano exercise park synthesis athletic ground general civic pool)

Nagano Station east map <C> E-4

  • Olympics facility
  • Sports facility
The location 〒381-0043 5-1-19, Yoshida, Nagano-shi
Contact information
  • TEL: 026-244-7555
  • FAX: 026-244-7156
  • From Shinano Railway Co.,ltd. Kita-Nagano Station from 15-minute walk, Nagano Electric Railway Asahi Station a 20-minute walk
  • Is car than Naganohigashi, Suzaka IC; approximately 15 minutes

50m pool

Diving pool

25m pool

Training gym

Venue name Area (heihometoru) Item The audience accommodation
The number of people (person)
Facility summary The daily fee for use (Japanese yen)
General citizen
50m pool 50m *25m Swimming 10 course Inquiry
25m pool 25m *14m Swimming 6 course
Diving pool 25m *20m Swimming※ Diving platform
10m 7.5m
5m 3m
Training gym Gym A lot of gym appliances Inquiry
Seat       2,000    
Meeting room The first meeting room     40    
Second ... 4 meeting room     15    
  • Diving pool becomes only use of group where leader is.

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