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Nagano Sports Park General Athletic Field

Nagano Station east map <C> E-4

  • Sports facility
  • There is Wi-Fi
The location 〒381-0043 5-1-19, Yoshida, Nagano-shi
Contact information
  • Is car than/Naganohigashi, Suzaka IC than 20-minute walk, Nagano Electric Railway Asahi Station than Shinano Railway Kita-Nagano Station in a 15-minute walk; about 20 minutes

General Athletic Field which can perform various competitions that became venue of the national polity

General Athletic Field where is equipped with the martial arts ground in addition to land sports stadium, baseball field, tennis court, pool, general gymnasium.
Seasonal face is in garden that overflowed in green and is most suitable for walk or jogging.
General gymnasium

General gymnasium

Land sports stadium

Land sports stadium

Baseball field

Baseball field

Convention correspondence

The reception desk start datePlease refer to vary according to competition facilities at the reception desk start date and the use time.
Closed daysEvery Monday (in the case of holiday, Monday is open)
Parking lot850 normal cars
Parking timeFrom 8:30 to 21:00

It can be used by event contents from early morning to the middle of the night.

Venue nameArea (heihometoru)ItemThe audience accommodation
The number of people (people)
Facility summaryThe daily fee for use (Japanese yen)
General gymnasiumMain arena1,925Basketball1,700TwoPlease refer
Table tennis28
Table tennisTen
Kendo groundKendoOne
Judo groundJudoTwo
Table tennis groundTable tennisNine
Kyudo groundClose MatobaKyudo10 crowdingPlease refer
Distant MatobaKyudo10 crowding
Land sports stadiumMain truck32,144Track and field12,000Various competitionsPlease refer
Training trackTrack and fieldVarious competitions
Tennis court 6,680Rigid soft ceremonyTenPlease refer
Baseball field 18,940Rigid soft ceremony14,000OnePlease refer
Exercise open spaceMultipurpose athletic groundSoftballTwoFree of charge
 Gate ballThreeFree of charge
 Other track and fieldFree of charge

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