Nagano sightseeing convention bureau

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Big hat Wakasato, Nagano-shi multi-purpose sports arena

Nagano Station east map <A> c-8

  • The Olympics facility
  • Convention facility
  • Sports facility
The location 〒380-0928 3-22-2, Wakasato, Nagano-shi
Contact information
  • From the JR Nagano Station east exit is/by a 30-minute walk, taxi for ten minutes
    Is ALPICO Kotsu Co.,ltd. bus "Otsukaminami line, Matsuoka line" than JR Nagano Station Zenkoji exit; "big hat" getting off/
    Is car than Nagano IC; about 15 minutes

Nuclear site out of one of convention sports to survey the 21st century.

 It is large multipurpose facility used in the Nagano Winter Olympics as main venue of ice hockey. As arena does variableness to 2,000-4,000 square meters of floor space by wall surface storing-type movable seat, you can use widely from various meetings to exhibition. In addition, it is next in young village people's culture hall with the results used as main press center during the Olympics period and can hold large and small conventions in equivalence area commencing with international conference.


Convention correspondence

The reception desk start dateFor one year six months
The use timeFrom 9:00 to 21:00
Closed daysDo; unavailable day is maintenance day of facility
Parking lotAbout 1,000 normal cars (free)
Parking timeFrom 9:00 to 21:00

We include working hour of preparations, removal, cleaning of entertainment in use time for facility. When we extend the use time and use facility, permission is necessary beforehand.

Venue nameArea (heihometoru)Seating capacity (people)The daily fee for use
(Japanese yen)
Meeting room 1168901005,550We can divide in two
Meeting room 2655,550Living room
Meeting room 36230605,550 
Meeting room 4415,550 
Meeting room 52161001005,550 
Meeting room 612020205,550 
Meeting room 7
(dressing room)
405,550With 6-tatami Japanese-style room
Venue nameArea (heihometoru)AvailableThe audience accommodation
The number of people
Facility summaryThe daily fee for use (Japanese yen)Remarks
(use of sports)
4,00060m *30m271,542 
  • The late November and mid-March becomes skating rink. Sports facilities except ice hockey of the winter season need all carry-on.
  • The publication fee for use is the basic fee for use of ceremony, meeting in weekdays (we calculate on/1st at 5:00 p.m. from 9:00 a.m.). (as for air conditioning costs, the lighting costs separately) ※Only for meeting room is unavailable ※It includes consumption tax
Incidental facilitiesNine locker rooms (1F), special visitor's room three, waiting room four (2F)
EquipmentArena equipment: Two electroluminescence display devices, 220-inch large two image systems, special lighting setup, special sound facilities, storing movable seat 7 blocks, movable step Tokomai stand
  • Around facility parking lot: About 200 (adjacent young village people's culture hall and common use)
  • Temporary parking lot: About 800. It follows at facility use time about parking time.

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