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M wave Nagano city Olympics memory arena

Nagano Station east map <C> E-5

  • The Olympics facility
  • Convention facility
  • Sports facility
  • There is Wi-Fi
The location 〒381-0025 195, Kitanagaike, Oaza, Nagano-shi
Contact information
  • "Former M wave" by Nagaden Bus "Yashima, Suzaka Line" or "Yashima Line in cotton" than the JR Nagano Station east exit is getting off (time required 15 minutes)/
    Is car than Naganohigashi, Suzaka IC; about five minutes (3km)
 Arena proud of 13,700 square meters of floor space is indoor space of Nagano city maximum and can hold various events without being influenced by weather. In addition, we can change floor space by moving the movable stands and are available for use from big event to small event in total. For from October to March, it is almost open as one of the best indoor speed skating rinks in the world having double track of one lap of 400m. 6,500 seats of fixed seats (possible up to 20,000 accommodation). In addition, we have three meeting rooms, and individual rental is possible, too. "Nagano Olympics museum is established in facility, too", and entrance is free.
Skating rink

Skating rink

Convention correspondence

The reception desk start dateFor one year six months
The use timeFrom 9:00 to 21:00
Closed daysThere are not closed days, but cannot use arena as from October to March almost become ice skating link. (in the meeting room, all year available)
Parking lot1,010 large car 18 normal cars
Parking timeFrom 9:00 to 21:00
Please apply about overtime, use of extension beforehand.
Venue nameArea (heihometoru)Seating capacityThe daily fee for useRemarks
Arena13,70020,000756,800Only as for the basic fee for use
Large meeting room33212012,650
Small meeting room 1103307,700
Small meeting room 296307,700
Venue nameArea (heihometoru)AvailableThe audience seating capacityFacility summaryThe daily fee for use (Japanese yen)Remarks
Arena (use of sports)11,000Amateur athletic meet6,500One189,700Only as for the basic fee for use
  • The publication fee for use uses as a guide of the basic fee for use (as for air conditioning costs, ceremony, lighting costs at meeting holding time separately) of ceremony, meeting in weekdays (we calculate on/1st at 5:00 p.m. from 9:00 a.m.), and please see. (it includes consumption tax)
Incidental facilitiesVIP room (the third floor), restaurant (in the winter season, we do business on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. The summer is business), locker room at the time of event holding
EquipmentLarge image system, permanent construction sound device, run baton, flying equipment device, forklift, microphone, desk, chair

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