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Latest information

The 38th whole country Junior High School skating meet is held

Event 2018/01/18

National junior high school skating meet started at the 28th (2007) meeting continuously in Nagano-shi.
There are a lot of players flapping from this meeting in the world. Let's give future Tops Kater a hot cheer.

◆Period from Saturday, February 3 to 6th Tuesday

[general opening ceremony]
 The date and time: Saturday, February 3 10:00 ...
 Venue: Big hat

[speed skating]
 Period: From Saturday, February 3 to 6th Tuesday
 Venue: M wave
 Competition schedule: Saturday, February 3 qualifier
      Sunday, February 4 qualifier
      The Monday, February 5 final
      The Tuesday, February 6 final

[figure skating]
 Period: From Sunday, February 4 to 6th Tuesday
 Venue: Big hat
 Competition schedule: SP on Sunday, February 4 for women
      SP boy SP on Monday, February 5 for women
      FS girl FS on Tuesday, February 6 for men

◆Watching games is free.
◆Come in warm clothes.
◆As parking lot is limited, please use public transport on visit.
◆We prohibit photograph, video shoot by the audience by figure skating competition except admitted person including relative of player.

◆For details, please confirm in HP (the following address).

 The national junior high school skating meet Nagano-shi executive committee secretariat
 (Nagano-shi culture sports Fisheries Promotion Department sports inside of a section)
  TEL: 026-224-5083