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Latest information

National junior high school physical education meet 37th whole country Junior High School skating meet is held in Nagano city in 2016

Event 2017/02/07

◆Opening ceremony Saturday, February 4 10:00 - M wave


◆Speed skating (M wave) no charge for admission

・Competition period Saturday, February 4 qualifier

Sunday, February 5 qualifier

The Monday, February 6 final

The Tuesday, February 7 final

High speed link which Nagano city that Hiroyasu Shimizu won gold medal by men's 500 metres at the Nagano Olympics in 1998 boasts of to the world. We expect for achievement of Nagano starter!

Please support in reference to the following personal opinion.

Kuratsubo of junior high school in western Okaya to men's 500 metres, 1,000 meters

It is Hayashi of Nanmoku Junior High School to men's 1500 meters, 3,000 meters.

Morozumi of junior high school in northern Chino to women's 500 metres, 1,000 meters

Please pay attention to achievement such as Takahashi of Nakagome Junior High School, Miyakawa of local North Nagano Junior High School for women's 1500 meters.


◆Figure skating competition (big hat) no charge for admission

・Exercise official during competition period on Saturday, February 4

SP on Sunday, February 5 for women

SP boy SP on Monday, February 6 for women

FS girl FS on Tuesday, February 7 for men

27 male players, female athlete 93 are going to participate.

Each 18 high ranks are participation in FS on February 7.

Marin Honda and Yuna Shiraiwa, player three of Nagano are going to participate in attention, too. Let's support young players with all Nagano citizens!

In addition, please confirm the details including time in HP (the following address).