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Main convention that is scheduled in Nagano city in/2019 (Heisei 31) in 2019

Period Meeting name The number of participants The main venue
4/6-7 2019 Japan Masters short waterway meeting Nagano meeting 600 Aqua wing
4/11-15 Amateur baseball 61st JABA Nagano Games (Governor of Nagano flag struggle Nagano Games) 309 Nagano Olympic Stadium/Saku General Sports Park baseball field
4/13-14 The 20th Shinshu origami exchange meeting 172 Nagano city worker woman Hall shinanoki
4/21 The 21st Nagano marathon event 14000 Nagano Sports Park - Nagano Olympic Stadium
4/21 The 15th Nagano wheelchair marathon event 644 ... Nagano Olympic Stadium in front of the Nagano Red Cross hospital
4/28-29 The 14th central part opening junior high student judo meet 885 Nagano Sports Park synthesis gymnasium
5/3-5 2019 GW High School selection table tennis training Nagano Games  886 White ring/Nagano technical high school others
5/3-5 The 45th Spring Nagano cup Junior High School boy volleyball meet 484 Nagano City Shinonoi west junior high school others
5/11-12 The 36th Japan nuclear medicine technique association Kanto district meeting general meeting in Nagano 115 Hotel Metropolitan Nagano
5/11-12 Association of Wise men club international East Japan ward third Azusa part Zenko-ji council 80 Worker woman Hall shinanoki
5/18-19 The 66th kaizenkokugineikemmaishimai (Nagano) meeting 787 Hokuto culture hall
5/18-19 The 16th kaimatsudaihambumbugakukokisodatsuzenkokuchugakukosembatsukendodaikai 2800 White ring others
5/25-26 University comfortable B invitation game "Waseda University VS Keio University" of the 50th anniversary of Nagano broadcast opening of an office 3000 Nagano U stadium
5/25-26 The 29th north Shinetsu block ground golf exchange of courtesies meeting 560 Nagano Sports Park General Athletic Field
5/30-31 2019 regular general meeting & 2019JAIFA annual conference in Nagano 7000 Big hat
5/31-6/1 2019 (public corporation) Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan north Shinetsu branch office briefing session 75 Hotel Shinano road
6/1-2 Mon trail Togakushi mountain trail 1124 Togakushi skiing area and neighboring promenades
6/5-6 reiwagenneneisankofuku*kyokaihigashinichihonhoeimaidaikai 610 Wakasato, Nagano-shi people's culture hall
6/7-8 The ninth Kanto and Koshinetsu floor hockey tournament 502 White ring
6/7-8 As for the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry youth group 279th officers' meetings, it is meetings 255 Hotel international 21
6/8-10 Amateur baseball 90th Intercity Baseball Tournament second qualifier Hokushin Koshiji ward meeting 338 Nagano Olympic Stadium others
6/7-8 The sixth Kanto and Koshinetsu young man manager forum in Nagano 550 THE SAIHOKUKAN HOTEL
6/14-16 2019 north Shinetsu high school physical education meet 49th north Shinetsu High School Kyudo meet 450 Nagano Sports Park Kyudo ground
6/14-16 2019 north Shinetsu high school physical education meet 57th north Shinetsu High School kendo meet 700 White ring
6/15-16 School festival of adult 5000 M wave
6/19-21 National hearing person with a disability reporting facility meeting 2019 general meeting, facility meeting 150 Nagano city lifelong learning center
6/19-22 International symposium about the seventh organic no plane electron materials and nanotechnology 209 Shinshu University department of engineering innovation center
6/22-23 Hokushin ground consecutive social welfare council interchange meeting 100 Hotel Saihokukan
6/23-25 The 39th Tokai north Shinetsu beauty workshop in Nagano 1096 Hokuto culture hall
6/28-30 2019 Kanto Shinetsu district higher vocational school physical education meet baseball competition 136 Nagano Olympic Stadium
6/29-30 The 36th all-Japan boy rubber-ball baseball meet north Shinetsu block qualifier society 150 Baseball field managed by Nagano
7/4-5 The 48th firefighting help technology Kanto District instruction society 3300 Nagano firefighting school
7/4-5 2019 Hokushin Koshiji ward high school PTA combination society study meet Nagano Games 1500 Hokuto culture hall/meruparuku Nagano
7/6-7 Ceremony of the 25th anniversary of cooperative establishment of the 100th anniversary of the skill in judo reposition official recognition and of the 50th anniversary of the 95th anniversary of the foundation of Nagano bonesetter society, establishment 200 hoterumeruparuku Nagano
7/13-14 SUNPRO PRESENTS Shinshu handcraft Festa 2019 5000 M wave
7/13-15 The fifth junior high school hardball baseball interchange meeting 399 Northern sports campaign open space others
7/14-15 The thirteenth Nagano Serita, Marine Day cup 557 The Chikuma River riverfront sports garden
7/15 Professional baseball Central League official game Tokyo Yakult Swallows VS Yomiuri Giants 5000 Nagano Olympic Stadium
7/18-19 2019 north Shinetsu silver human resources center contact meeting regular general meeting officer, secretary general workshop 165 Hotel Metropolitan Nagano
7/20-21 2019 Kanto Shinetsu district higher vocational school physical education meet swimming 247 Aqua wing
7/24-25 Ceremony of the 50th anniversary of Nagano seed and sapling production sale cooperative young man sectional meeting foundation 90 Hotel Saihokukan
7/26-27 Shinshu University opening campus 2019 1600 Shinshu University department of engineering
7/27-28 The eighth whole country sprint championship 86 The Chikuma River riverfront sports garden
7/31-8/3 The 18th NAGANO table tennis Festival 1125 White ring/Nagano Sports Park gymnasium
8/1-2 The 59th north Shinetsu science education society Nagano Games 159 Hotel Shinano road
8/1-3 Next-generation forest industry exhibition 2019 6000 Big hat
8/2-3 Shinshu University department of engineering supporters association general meeting 300 Shinshu University department of engineering
8/3-4 The thirteenth peach cup U-10 boy soccer meet 986 The Chikuma River riverfront sports garden
8/3-4 The issue of people with a disability society 53rd national convention Nagano 2019 of the whole country 1184 Hokuto culture hall
8/5-9 The 62nd East Japan medical department student synthesis physical education meet basketball competition 1800 White ring
8/6-7 The 66th Kanto District "fair of mother and the woman staff of a school" 298 Hotel Shinano road
8/7-9 Lecture about the 61st structural strength 180 Shinshu University department of engineering
8/10-11 Meeting 28th national convention Nagano meeting to bring up national words 310 Hokuto culture hall
8/17-18 The twelfth KK cup children's basketball reception 323 Southern elementary school gymnasium/Serita gymnasium
8/17-18 2019 All Japan Kendo Federation kendo 7-dan, six step examination committees 1083 White ring
8/18-23 The 42nd all-Japan university rubber-ball baseball championship 1000 Nagano Olympic Stadium
8/24-25 2019 Chuubu District veterinarian meeting, veterinarian arts and sciences Chuubu District academic conference 636 Hotel international 21
8/24-25 The 31st Mayor Nagano cup boy soccer meet 610 The Chikuma River riverfront sports garden
8/28-30 The 653rd construction technology class 272 Nagano city art building
8/29-30 City checkup committee general meeting, workshop national in 2019 1335 Hokuto culture hall
8/31-9/1 National business group bowling league 46th whole country business group individual championship 336 Young pharaoh
9/6-8 2019 Nagano cup whole country High School selection basketball meet 357 Nagano Sports Park synthesis gymnasium
9/7-8 The 58th all-Japan women's kendo championship 317 White ring
9/7-8 The 21st small and medium size commerce and industry whole country interchange, study meeting 515 Hokuto culture hall
9/7-8 The 74th Tokai wind music contest University, workplace, general part 1500 Hokuto culture hall
9/7-8 Childcare culture academic conference sixth meeting in Japan 100 Nagano Prefectural University
9/14-15 Relay four life Japan 2019 Shinshu Nagano 1500 Shinonoi Chuo Park
9/14-15 The 44th whole country postal administration basketball meet 121 Shinshuushinmachi gymnasium
9/14-16 The tenth iizuna mujikafesuta 2019 in NAGANO 115 azeiria least weasel/Hokuto culture hall
9/19-20 The 50th Japan Nursing Association herusupuromoshon arts and sciences meeting 1217 Hokuto culture hall
9/21-22 2019 all-Japan youth RF martial arts Karate championships 436 Big hat
9/26-27 Person in charge of Mayor of core city society desk work meeting 200 Hotel international 21
9/26-27 2019 (the 20th) Kanto and Koshinetsu district student relations vice president, department/section managers meeting 70 Hotel Metropolitan Nagano
9/28-29 The eleventh Shinshu Togakushi trail run race 538 Togakushi, least weasel
10/1-6 FIVB World Cup volleyball 2019 boy Nagano Games 3000 White ring
10/3-4 Association of fair committee meetings society north Shinetsu Branch general meeting in 2019 of the whole country, society 182 Hotel Metropolitan Nagano
10/4-6 The 61st all-Japan student roller sports championship 113 The Chikuma River riverfront sports garden
10/5-6 The 27th Nagano business group, government offices friendship kendo meet 202 Matsuyo High School gymnasium
10/11-12 Specialists in the 14th all-Japan people arts and sciences, exercise interchange meeting (by typhoon only on 11th) 966 Hokuto culture hall
10/12-13 The whole the 22nd Japan structure clinical Linguistic Society (JIST) arts and sciences meeting 160 Nagano city lifelong learning center
10/17-18 All 2019 quotient Hokushin Koshiji ward commerce education study meetings 200 Hotel international 21
10/23-24 Staff of the 34th Kanto block child nursing home workshop 285 meruparuku Nagano
10/25-26 The 46th Japan glenohumeral joint association arts and sciences meeting 1180 Hotel international 21/Hotel Saihokukan
10/25-26 2019 nonprofit foundation Japan Trucking Association young man sectional meeting Hokuriku Shinetsu blocking meet (Nagano Games) 150 Hotel Metropolitan Nagano
10/25-26 Colloidal & interface scientific research center fifth (2019) study panel discussion 80 Shinshu University department of engineering
10/25-27 The 52nd all-Japan new face bowling championship 318 Young pharaoh
10/26-27 The 17th Zenko-ji opening table tennis meeting inNAGANO (part of large ball) 268 White ring
10/26-27 The 69th Yamanashi, Gunma, Nagano three prefectures opposition swimming meet 231 Aqua wing
10/26-28 The 24th Hokushin Koshiji ward High School rubber-ball baseball meet 108 Nagano Olympic Stadium
10/26-29 2019 "Southeast Asia Japanese Youth Goodwill Cruise" business district program 120 Hotel Metropolitan Nagano
11/7-8 National local fixation support center meeting Kanto and Koshinetsu block workshop 203 JA Nagano building/Nagano city lifelong learning center
11/7-9 Country Nagano meeting of Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry youth group 37th whole country chairperson workshop Shinano 1800 Hokuto culture hall/big hat others
11/9-10 shodoko*kaidai 78 times regular workshop 102 Nagano city worker woman Hall shinanoki
11/10 The 25th Nagano hearing person with a disability meeting 300 Nagano city eastern part culture hall
11/21-22 Association of 2019 north Shinetsu block prefecture, base staff workshop, experience exchange meeting 96 Royal Hotel Nagano
11/30-12/1 The 20th whole country junior high student creation manufacturing education fair Kanto and Koshinetsu district meeting Nagano Games 1000 Shinonoi west Junior High School
12/13-15 2019/20 ISU World Cup speed skating competition, Nagano Games 600 M wave
12/21-22 The 29th youth friendship ice hockey Nagano Games (part of junior high student) 298 Big hat
12/21-22 The tenth East Japan technical college basketball meet 363 Nagano technical college gymnasium/Riccho, Nagano-shi field High School gymnasium
12/26-29 The 87th all-Japan speed skating championship 600 M wave
12/28-30 2019 Nagano winter season youth table tennis training meeting 280 White ring
1/4-5 The 29th youth friendship ice hockey Nagano Games (part of the lower grades) 271 Big hat
1/4-5 The 15th Ohashi inn cup (Nagano badminton reinforcement meeting) 314 White ring/Riccho, Nagano-shi field High School
1/6-7 The 58th Nagano Junior High School synthesis physical education meet skating competition 220 M wave
1/11-12 The 26th Zenko-ji Lady's cup 160 Big hat
1/17-19 Television Shinshu cup 24th Nagano rhythmic gymnastics club cup championship 1200 White ring
1/18-19 The 29th youth friendship ice hockey Nagano Games (part of the upper grades) 317 Big hat
1/18-19 The 17th Nagano snowball fight championship in least weasel plateau 280 Coat for exclusive use of least weasel plateau great asana teacher Pond slanting snow battle
1/24-26 Kanagawa, Chiba ski technology championship (all-Japan ski technology championship player selection society) Kanagawa, Chiba Masters ski technology championship Kanagawa, Chiba Junius key technology championship Kanagawa, Chiba ski technology club match  270 Togakushi skiing area
1/25-26 The JFA 25th all-Japan futsal championship north Shinetsu meeting 150 White ring
2/1-4 Junior high school physical education meet 40th whole country Junior High School skating meet national in 2019 1400 M wave/big hat
2/7-9 The 18th M wave speed skating competition 600 M wave
2/8-9 International use ice hockey meet /U12 Nagano winter cup 2020 230 Big hat
2/15-16 Gathering of north Shinetsu child Theater oyako Theater Network 2020 child performing arts winter 210 Nagano city worker woman Hall shinanoki
2/15-16 NIHON TRIM Presents twelfth whole country girl selection futsal meet north Shinetsu meeting 140 Minami-Nagano Sports Park gymnasium
2/21 The eighth plating industry "gathering of young people carrying the future" 120 Hotel Metropolitan Nagano
2/22-23 Sculpture exhibition in M wave of the 20th ice 2000 M wave
2/24-29 The 18th Japan and Korea young people winter season sports interchange 320 M wave/big hat
2/28-3/1 The 39th Matsuzawa memory championfurakku struggle ice hockey meeting 360 Big hat/M wave
3/5-6 2019 Japan Society of Civil Engineering central part branch office meeting for presenting research papers 600 Nagano technical college
3/7-8 The 62nd Japan Society for Occupational Health Hokuriku Koshinnetsu district meeting 120 Hotel Metropolitan Nagano /JA Nagano building
3/9-12 The 42nd Kansai student basics skiing meet 220 Togakushi skiing area
3/20-22 2020 14th Nagano opening U23 selection futsal meet supported by DUELO  370 White ring
3/27-3/29 The 42nd whole country sports Boy Scouts kendo interchange meeting 400 White ring